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Sweet Dames Bakeshop is inspired by decadent flavors, the finest ingredients, and the best in class customer service. Don’t be¬†confused by our sweet, sexy name, we are serious about our Cake Pops and Custom Cookies. Our Cakes mean business too. We hope to make your day sweeter with the fresh quality of our baked goods for all your special occasions or just because.

Created with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of love, indulge yourself on our luscious Cake Pops. Or try our made-with-you-in-mind Custom Cookies (they leave you wanting just one more)! Our scrumptious Creative Cakes are too pretty to eat, but once you give in, hmmm! No matter your choice, we’ll definitely make any special occasion or your just because event a whole lot sweeter.

Custom Cookies

Our creative custom cookie designs are as unique as you are!

Cake Pops

They can be fun, elegant, pretty, dainty, and so much more. View our assortment of imaginative Cake Pops and Cake Truffles!


Our cakes are sweet artistry mixed with delightful deliciousness.

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